Hours of Operation: Saturday-Wednesday 9:00 to 5:00, Thursday and Friday 9:00 to 7:00.
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      People often confuse Bulldog Liquidators for a traditional liquidation company that sells the assets of seized or failing businesses, but that is NOT what we do.  

      At Bulldog Liquidators, we partner with industry leaders in the retail liquidation market and purchase their surplus, overstock, and customer returned product. We then offer that product for sale to the public for 40-80% off retail original price.

      Surplus and Overstock

      Often companies over-manufacture products, leaving them with a surplus of merchandise that they are unable to sell in the regular retail market.

      At Bulldog Liquidators, we contract with retailers and liquidate their overstock at our stores, selling it at a rate of 40-80% off retail.

      Customer Returns

      Many times customer returned products have no defects whatsoever and are returned simply because a buyer didn't like what they received (wrong color, too big, too small, etc.).

      All products sold in Bulldog Liquidators locations are inspected, tested and competitively priced, yes, you guessed it, between 40-80% off original retail price!

      We are also NOT a franchise.  The Brodheadsville location is wholly owned by Dawn and Andy Hart.  Our affiliation with the other Bulldog's is through name and the products we receive.  We are in the family, but sorta like cousins!