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      Bulldog PA believes strongly in supporting our local community.  We are open to working with your non-profit 501 c3 organization.  Please contact Dawn Hart directly to discuss your event or need.

      dawn@bdogpa.com or 610-739-4401

      Currently, we support the following efforts:

      1. We offer a 10% military discount to those who serve as well as emergency responders with ID.

      2. Girl Scout Troop  50993 joined us Saturday, March 16th 2019 to sell cookies and we gave everyone who bought a box 20% off anything in the store. 

      3. Pleasant Valley Youth Association Lacrosse Team Sponsor 2019. www.pvyalacrosse.com

      4.  Paul's House (www.valorclinic.org) We have an artist, Dennis Schall, that provides us his artwork (Struck by Lightening) and proceeds from the sale of those goes to Paul's House.

      5.  Kids Without Wheels- 50% of the sales for all our bikes goes to this organization.  Email Ed at nkwowheels@gmail.com

      6.  Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM) County- We provided $400 worth of merchandise for baskets for their annual Tricky Tray event.

      7.  Pleasant Valley PTO- 3 Tricky Tray baskets for annual fundraiser worth approximately $500.00 March 16, 2019.

      8. West End Little League Team Sponsor 2019!

      9.  Bruins Youth Wrestling Team Sponsor 2019-2020!

      10.  We are offering booths (10X10 tent and 1 6 foot table) to all local non-profits that are looking to fundraise or provide information about their services at our Grand Opening Extravaganza on May 18th.  

      11.  Sponsor for the Alumni Women's Lacrosse Team for Pleasant Valley being held May 11th, 2019.

      12.  On our grand opening May 18th we held a 50/50 and $251.80 was donated to the West End Fire Company of Monroe County.

      13.  On our grand opening May 18th, we donated 5% of all our sales that day to the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe County (AWSOM).  This totaled $529.10.

      14. We gave 4 $25.00 gift certificates and a $275.00 tent to the American Legion for their 100 year anniversary event.

      15. Jersey sponsor for the West End Soccer League Fall 2019 season.

      16.  We donated (4) gift certificates to the Bob Maurer cancer fundraiser.

      17.  We hosted a car wash for the Freedom gymnastics fundraiser on August 17th in our parking lot. 

      18.  We sponsored 4 holes at $200.00 at the 8th Annual Fr. McCawley Golf Outing on August 24, 2019.

      19. We donated a gift basket and $25.00 gift certificate to the Shankers 4 Shelby golf tournament fundraiser on September 13, 2019.

      20. We donated a $95.00 gift basket and $75.00 gift certificate to St. John Neuman's Regional School Annual Purse Bingo.

      21. We donated a barbecue valued at $250.00 to the Orphan Outreach Ministry Tricky Tray.

      22. We placed a full page ad in the Pleasant Valley High School 2019-2020 year book!  Go Bears!

      23.We donated a $100.00 gift certificate to the Sandy Rollman ovarian cancer foundation for their tricky tray event.

      24. We donated approximately $250.00 worth of merchandise to the Christmas City Classic for a Cure Golf outing in Bethlehem.  We were also a hole sponsor!

      25.  We donated 90 backpacks to the Puerto Rican Club of Bethlehem who in turn distributed them on August 24, 2019 to needy kids in Bethlehem.

      26. We donated a $100.00 gift certificate to Common Ground, a fundraiser for funeral and medical expenses for Sharon Petrella who died from cancer.

      27.  We donated a $100.00 gift certificate and gift basket to the Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA), Poconos Chapter for their various community outreach programs.

      28.  We donated $115.00 worth of merchandise in a gift basket and a $25.00 gift certificate to the tricky tray to the American Bulldog Rescue in Newtown, PA for their event Nov. 16th, 2019.

      29. We donated 7 baskets of merchandise and two children's bikes to the Palmerton Music Parents (PAMPA) Bomber Music Bingo fundraiser.  Go Bombers!!

      30.  We donated a $100.00 gift certificate to the Swiftwater Elementary School PTO tricky tray fundraiser held Nov. 16th, 2019.

      31.  We donate on an ongoing basis all of our senior assistance products (walkers, bedrails, bath equipment) to the Lady Lions of Carbon County. 

      32.  We donated $250.00 of senior assistance products to Guardian Elder Care (formerly the Brookmont Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center) in Brodheadsville, PA.

      33. We donated $200.00 to the Ricky Finelli Memorial Fund Bingo fundraiser.

      34.  We donated Halloween decorations and candy to the West End Open Park Commission for their Halloween party on Oct. 31st, 2019.

      35.  We donated a Christmas tree for the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser for Justin Jacob's at Blue Ridge Winery on Oct. 27th, 2019 and a gift basket to another event in Allentown at Wise Crackers comedy club.

      36. In October of 2019, we contributed $500.00 to the Pocono Predators Fastpitch Softball organization.

      37. In November of 2019, we contributed $175.00 to the Pocono Predators Fastpitch Softball Organization for their Tricky Tray Basket Auction on December 7th 2019 at the Gilbert American Legion.

      38. In November of 2019, we assembled a care package to our armed forces in cooperation with local Cub Scout Pack 99. The care package included high-quality socks, body wash, face wash, baby wipes, pain-relieving topical cream, hand warmers, reading material, decks of cards, DVDs, puzzles, and protein bars.

      39. We donated $50.00 to the Pleasant Valley High School's Drama Club for their The Legend of Sleepy Hollow play in November of 2019.

      40. We donated $70.00 to the PV All Sports Club on November 12th, 2019 towards of the printing of program booklets to spotlight senior players and team information.

      41. We donated $100.00 to the PV All Sports Club on December 4th, 2019.

      42. We donated $200.00 to the PVYA Boys Lacrosse Program on December 31st, 2019.

      43. On the 28th of January, 2020, we donated $40.00 to the Camp Papillion Animal Shelter for their Comedy Fundraising event on March 7th, 2020.

      44. On February 23rd, 2020, we donated $50.00 to the Pleasant Valley High School's Drama Club for their South Pacific play.

      45. On February 25th, 2020, we donated $300.00 to the WELL Association for our returning sponsorship of the West End Little League.

      46. For the Pleasant Valley Intermediate School Parent-Teacher Organization's annual basket auction fundraiser on March 21st, 2020, we donated $358.90.

      47. We donated $600.00 to the Cub Scout Pack 209 & Boy Scout Troop 209 outing on October 1st of 2020.

      48. In 2020, we donated $195.89 to American Bulldog Rescue in Newtown, PA.

      49. In 2020, we donated $335.17 to the Carbon County Lion/Lioness Fair.

      50. We donated $500.00 to the Carbon County Savages on October 29th, 2020.

      51. On September 20th of 2020 we donated $135.00 to Just Between Friends.

      52. We donated $308.47 worth of products to the Carbon Country Lion/Lioness Fair for their Basket Auction on August 9th, 2021.

      53. We donated $200.00 to the K of C Council 7171 for its 9th Annual Fr. McCawley Golf Outing. 

      54. On August 29th of 2021, we donated $213.86 in products to the Sunshine Foundation's tricky tray fundraiser.

      55. For the 2021 fundraising event hosted by Bethany Christian Services of Central PA, we donated $600 worth of products.

      56. For the MDPH 2021 Show Series, we were a Day End Award Sponsor and donated $50.00.

      57. In 2021, we donated $100.00 to the Pleasant Valley Cubs for their Community Day event.

      58. In 2021, we donated $236.47 worth in products to the Cloverfield Saddle Club.

      59. In 2021, we donated $385.93 in products to the Pocono Mountains Visitor Bureau.

      60. In 2021, we donated $1,180.37 worth in products to the Carbon Chamber of Commerce's golf tournament.

      61. In December of 2021, we donated hats and socks to the Pleasant Valley School district for their annual gingerbread house contest to be used as prizes.

      62. In October of 2021, we donated a $1,200.00 treadmill to Girls on the Run Pocono.

      63. On October 6th of 2021, we donated a total of $457.00 in merchandise to the Monroe County Scouts Award for 1st Female Eagle Scout.