Hours of Operation: Mount Pocono, Mon-Fri 10:00 to 6:00, Sat-Sun 9:00 to 5:00. Brodheadsville, Sat. 9-12 1-4, Sun 9-4, Mon 12-6 Tues 12-6 closed W,TH, Fri.
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      People often hear the term "liquidation" and think Bulldog Liquidators sells the assets of businesses that have gone bankrupt, but that is NOT what we do.  

      Actually, we have contracts with large big box retailers and purchase their surplus, overstock, and customer returned products. We sort through these and then offer these products for sale to the public for 40-80% off what the original retailer charged. You know the names of these retailers. They are in every shopping mall in America, but we cannot tell you who they are because they want to protect their brands. They are in the business of selling NEW THINGS THAT ARE PERFECT.  Businesses like ours came to be because there is a LOT OF STUFF THAT IS NOT PERFECT. Many times, the things we receive are actually in perfect working order, but perhaps the merchandise was discontinued. The point is, there is a plethora of reasons why we get our stuff.  The important thing is that you save big time.  

      Surplus and Overstock

      Another way we get products is that there is just not enough shelf space for the sheer magnitude of products being sold. Also, companies sometimes over-manufacture products, leaving them with a surplus of merchandise that they are unable to sell through their primary retail channels.

      Customer Returns

      Many times customer returned products have no defects whatsoever, and they are returned simply because a buyer didn't like what they received (wrong color, too big, too small, etc.), or they bought it and have buyer's remorse. Think about your own online experience. Maybe you've had a few glasses of wine, and at 2:00 a.m., you start ordering things. They show up a few days later, and you say, 'what the heck did I do?

      Before we sell these returns to you, we do our best to inspect and test them to ensure they are operational.

      Are you part of a franchise?

      People ask us a lot if we are part of a national chain. We are not. The Brodheadsville location is wholly owned by Dawn and Andy Hart.  Our relationship with the other Bulldog's is through name and the products we receive. Most of the other locations are owned by one entity. We are lucky to have the relationship we do, and we are thrilled to bring these deals to the East coast. We are in the family, but sorta like cousins! Not kissing though.


      Why What We Do is Saving the Planet

      Yes, this sounds extreme, but in the "olden times," all these big box retailers used to dispose of these items into LANDFILLS. Yes, that is correct.  But Bulldog, and others in the "secondary retail" market began to offer alternative sources of distribution for these retailers. And the benefits were multifold.

      1.  Reduces landfills by selling less than perfect or unwanted products.

      2.  Allows consumers access to products they normally wouldn't have been able to afford.

      3.  The original retailer actually makes money from something they used to write off on their books as a loss.


      Lots of winners in this equation.  Mostly YOU!!